A Story of the Spirit of Notre Dame

When I wrote THE GIPPER’S GHOST in 1985, the Notre Dame football team was down on its Irish luck.  In the book, I tried to do my small part to rekindle the spirit of Notre Dame.  It may have helped a little; the Notre Dame student newspaper, The Observer, even serialized the book in its pages for the students to read in weekly installments.  Fortunately, a few months later, Notre Dame hired a new head football coach named Lou Holtz.  He did even better!

Over the years, a number of friends and Notre Dame classmates have asked me to reprint THE GIPPER’S GHOST.  Now the time seems right.  On November 18, 2012, Notre Dame’s football team was ranked “Number One” for the first time in 19 years.  So here it is again, finally, as an e-Book available through the Amazon Kindle Store (another way to “KINDLE” the spirit of Notre Dame?).

Although THE GIPPER’S GHOST is a work of fiction, some Notre Dame football fans have noticed some very interesting things happened after the book was published.

The book introduced the Ten Commandments of Notre Dame.  In the book, the most important is the Tenth Commandment of Notre Dame: Thou shalt never lose to USC.   Interestingly enough, after the book was published and while it remained in print, Notre Dame didn’t lose to USC for more than a decade!  You can look it up!

Go Irish! 

Bob Quakenbush ND '76

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