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The Ten Commandments of Notre Dame

from THE GIPPER'S GHOST: A Story of the Spirit of Notre Dame

by Robert A. Quakenbush

I.          Thou shalt not tarnish the image of Notre Dame.

II.         Thou shalt always remember the importance of alumni contributions, and score touchdowns accordingly.

III.        Remember to always keep protected thy quarterback.

IV.        Honor thy coach.

V.         Thou shalt not fumble.

VI.        Thou shalt not get caught in the act of committing a needless penalty.

VII.      Thou shalt not sell thy Notre Dame football tickets above their actual face value.

VIII.     Thou shalt not be a hot dog.

IX.        Thou shalt not covet thy opponent’s cheerleaders.

X.         Thou shalt never lose to USC.            

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